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- 4-5"X 6 1/2' Pointed Post

-4-5"X 7' Pointed Post

-4-5"X 8' Pointed Post

-4-5"X 8' Blunt Post

-5-6" X 8' Pointed Post

-5-6"X 8' Blunt Post

-6-7" X 8' Pointed Post

-6-7" X 8' Blunt Post

-7" X 8' Pointed Post

-7-8" X 8' Pointed Post

-8"+X 8' Blunt Posts

-6-7" X 10' Blunt Posts

-6-7" X 12' Blunt Posts

-7"+ X 10' Blunt Posts

-7"+ X 12' Blunt Posts

Multiple other sizes available 

Ask about semi load discounts 

The Osmose Lifetime Residential & Agricultural Limited Warranty. 

Original consumer purchasers or "first-owners" of specific Osmose brand wood products are eligible for a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Under their terms of this warranty, Osmose will replace any of its labeled or stamped Above Ground (.25 pdf) or Ground Contact (.40 pdf) Osmose brand wood products used in, or in conjunction with, residential or agricultural applications should these Osmose brand wood products structurally fall in the service due to rot, fungal decay or termite attack. 


All Posts are 1.33# Per ft. Orange in Color

1.33# Green in Color- Gold tips

5 1/2" Certified

5 1/2" Not Certified 

6' Certified

6' Not Certified

7' Certified

8' Certified

10' Certified

702 Certified spec. clips

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