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Wald Fencing & Supplies is your only Dakota Wire Winder Dealer 

Easy & Fast Fence Removal

Use our fence remover when you want to take down the wiring and posts of the barriers you have on your property. This tool rolls up wires and pulls out posts in just one round. All it takes is just one person to maneuver the machine around the property, with fewer laps needed than other tools.

Wire Winder and Post Puller, Wire Roller, Wireroller, Wirewinder
Locally built in Wishek, ND

High Tensil Spinning Jenny Attachment

-This Spinning Jenny can be added on to our Dakota Wire Winder and Post Puller to ROLL UP 200 KSI high tensile 12.5 Ga. electric wire.

-Then you put it on the ground and use it to UNROLL your wire!


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