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Forms of Minerals Matter

Formulation does matter, because the different forms of minerals have different bioavailability. In general, mineral bioavailability from greatest to least available is as follows: organic sources-hydroxyl-chlorides-sulfates-carbonates-oxides. The specific order of bioavailability often depends on the specific mineral in question. The form of mineral affects the mineral solubility, stability, absorption, interactions/antagonisms, and oxidation/reduction potential. 

Checking The Tag

Checking your mineral tag is very important to keep your livestock healthy and keeping a balance ration, and to make sure you get the outcomes you are looking for. But make sure you check all parts of the tag.

1. PRICE TAG- Usually this is the first thing producers look at but it should be the last thing. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

2.GUARANTEED ANAYLYSIS %- Although very important to know you percentages still not the most important part of the tag yet. 

3. DIRECTIONS- Make sure when comparing tags you are looking at recommended feed rates to figure out your cost per head per day.

4. INGREDIANT LIST- Now we have hit the most important part of the tag but sadly is usually never looked at and rarely understood. This is where you find out what is actually in your bag of mineral and if your animals will actually utilize what they are consuming.

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